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Mustang 5.0 GT 350 anniversary edition T-TOP
Polished alum silver flake
A friend gave me the car!!! It had 80k orig miles and still working on it at present time hav'nt had to much time to enjoy it yet cause there's always that next step we want to do! So it sits in the shop with 91k on her since ownership in 03 but it needed a lot
1984 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT 350 anniversary edition T-TOP (Polished alum silver flake)


Rebuild the orig. 5.0 H.O. Magfluxed block heads done replaced valves ss H.V. Oil pump edlebrock intake Holley 650 carb eliminated the smog equip W/delete pulley
BBK headers, BBK X-pipe, w/ magna flow 40 series mufflers and tails all 2-1/2
Kept the fact. A/C don't know why yet?
Polished valve covers taped and paint with krinkle blk
New heater core, radiator, hoses, & belts
New alt,waterpmp,start, volt reg.
Had a auto elec. Co. Replace a lot of wiring in harnesses (mice)
New carpets front, rear and hatch
New dash pad, plastic on gauges
Changed rear quarter panels from 95
Painted all the new plastics and orig console color matched as close to the original color
Al new rubber weather stripping and body plugs
Door window guides, rollers lock actuators
Window felts, moldings, gaskets & rubbers
Short shifter
Complete strip all body and custom paint (sorry)couldn't keep it the oxford white!
Replaced all fact. Speakers with Boston accoustics keeping the factory am/fm cass w/factory amp Didnt want to cut it up looks way to good!
Replaced all rear upper & lower control arms after market
And poly bushings
Sway bar bushings poly
After market coil springs
Rear shocks & quad shocks
Front sway bushings poly
Ball joints, tie rods
New calipers & drums rear pads shoes, brake lines
Line lock not installed yet but will be
Wheel and Tire
Glass beaded the orig wheels and clear coated them new center caps (look real nice) TRX wheels metric michellins
Just a real nice original stang couldn't believe ford only made 250 of this T-TOP anniversary edition
This is a real matching# car and I think it's coming out real well, I'll get some pics up shortly


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