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Torché Red
Bought stock my sophmore year in college, I crashed it and then began to rebuild it better :) V6 with bolt on mods and new exhaust from the headers back. I know it's a sixxer where I live it's perfectly acceptable no real killer straight stretches so typically I don't exceed 8 mph anyways. I love the car and all that I've done to it. I'm having a baby now at 21 so of course the mods are slowing down for now. But with my and my girlfriends new jobs I'm hoping to obtain another 05-09 year model V8 so I'll have my fingers crossed everything works out for now tho.. I love this car and it works for me. For all you just pretend it's an 8 :) I wanna be entered and win a MOTM! :)
2006 Ford Mustang (Torché Red)


Air intake, headers and back
I have switched all the stock interior lighting with bright red LEDs. I but some led bars under the dash and seating 12 inch sub in the truck and a kenwood touch screen video/audio head unit.
Color is all black/Leather seats.
There all visible :) rear window louvers (my favorite)
Rims my grandfather and I painted until I can afford the ones I really want.
Boss style stripes I'm planning on taking the word boss out and applying Dubya!
Headlight tint with splitters and showroom ultra bright bulbs.
GT grille with functioning fog-lights because my headlights are pretty dim because of the headlight tint.
Hood scoop, painted my spoiler I actually blacked out my own panel(between taillights) , and trunk lid I also got a custom trunk emblem.
Chin spoiler, and side scoops and 1/4 window louvers I have yet to put on. I believe that's all of them.
Haha me and my music/DVD player
12' sub in the trunk, two 8 inch kickers in the doors, DVD/CD/USB headunit. Has navigation, and is compatible with all my iPhone apps like Facebook, mustang evolution, safari, Netflix and lots more. Red accent lighting under dash, under seats and replaced all stock led lighting in the air vents and control switches.
Wheel and Tire
Some sway bars and a magnaflow exhaust



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