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Mustang GT
Candy Red
In my late teens tru 20's I had several Fox body Mustangs. The quickest one was a 90 loaded GT. This thing had about every gear ratio in it at one time or another. Several transmissions, 2 or 3 motors went from a 150h nitrous to supercharged to Victor jr with roller heads and Barry Grant carb and 600h nitrous. The last time it was on the track it went 6.90's and the lift bars tore through the floor board and it never drove straight again. The night I tore up my race car my pregnant wife was big as hell with my son. No more weekend warrior.. 15 years later, the boy is nearly grown, the 90 GT sits in the garage and after wrecking my AWD Ford 500 something made me buy a Coyote. OMG!! I loved my Fox, but the effort I put in to it to make it run like a Coyote is unreal. The fever is back, everything I knew is history and the sole reason I am part of this community is to get back on top of my game..
2012 Ford Mustang GT (Candy Red)



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