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Mustang gt coupe
candy red metallic / double white stripes over the
Roush Stage 2 auto,navi,voice Sync,Roush performance race & accessories too many to list!
I bought this rocket ship over 2 years ago online sight unseen.N. Carolina caddy dealer. I'm listed as the 4th owner due to RMV in N.C. mistake. Actually I,m the 3rd owner. The 1st owner young lady bought it new from roush dealer in Kansas City. after 8 months she moved to N.C. where she traded it in for a loaded caddie V. The car had 6k miles on it. The second owner another lady bought it from the dealer and put 246 miles on it,but kept it garage for almost 2 yrs. She then traded it in at the same dealer she bought it from. Then I bought it from the same dealer for a song. I had it shipped to massachusetts. I met the driver at the rte 128 rest area. When he unloaded the Beast my wife and I could not believe the condition! "flawless" What a machine. Better than the pictures showed. After driving it for a while (car shows only,no rain,dirt,etc. I then realized why the two woman got rid of the car,Tooooo, much power the car must have ripped them right off the steering wheel! I've owned more than 100 cars most of them vettes and mustangs muscle cars! This car is so fast it scares you! I guess I lucked out, I was looking for a hobby after retirement. Where ever I go people wave,thumbs up,at the shows they take pictures of it. It's kind of sad but I never took pictures of any of my cars. I'll try and post one for others. Thanks Ed.
2011 Ford Mustang gt coupe (candy red metallic / double white stripes over the)


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