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The '17 GT and the '09 v6
The '09, bought in '10, quite a few of the usual simpler mods.
The '17, bought in Aug '17. Mods so far, a JLT catch can.

Don't turn your back on my gargoyle, she has been known to bite trespassers.
0 The '17 GT and the '09 v6


It was late in the model year, all I could find were convertibles with black interiors. Since I have the tops down on nearly every chance I get, I couldn't have black. It had to be lighter. Got a great deal getting the seats recovered with this "ash" color. They never get HOT, just a bit warm, thank you Jennifer & Chris at Hilbish Ford.
And my Mini-Stang. I hope a sharpie will black out my wheels, and hood vents.
The pair. I named them, Blue One, and Silver One.
Getting started with my Garage. Not quite done yet.
No, I didn't really name them that.



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