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Red Candy Metallic
Base (ie blank slate)
In 2011, I was planning on buying a used GT Mustang but when I found out the new 3.7L had similar HP figures to pre-5.0 GT and got 30MPG, I went to my ford dealer and ordered a six-banger from the factory to make my own and drive everyday. It was a blank slate with no options whatsoever.

I set out to build a fun car to drive with a retro look that would appeal to not only mustang enthusiasts but anyone who appreciates a clean build. I've had both euro guys and JDM guys say "I don't really like Mustangs but this one is NICE!."

I love barreling down twisty roads in this car and so far its been to 19 states in search of the windiest stretches of asphalt I could find. Over thousands of miles, 90+ degree heat or a foot of snow, this car has never let me down.
2012 Ford Mustang (Red Candy Metallic)


-Airaid CAI

-BAMA 97 Octane Race Tune

-Brake Cooling Ducts routed from fog-light delete panels to brake rotors.

-Upgraded transmission tail mount to a billet aluminum model with polyurethane bushing.

-I painted the block "Ford Blue." It took 5 hours and required an entire roll of masking tape.
-I made a wooden steering wheel out of mahogany and 1/4 aircraft grade aluminum. It took 130 hours and I think it was worth it.

-Custom leather interior with red perforated leather, scratch made door panel inserts, scratch made shifter boot, custom "running pony" parcel shelf and custom fabricated billet aluminum cup holder delete panel. the buttons on the seats are out of a 1967 GT Mustang to complete the retro look.

-Steeda Tri-ax shifter with billiard ball style knob.

-I painted the dash silver and the lettering in the sill plates gray.
-Billet grille with custom made matching brake cooler inlets

-GT-500 style fog-lights mounted behind the grille

-Black"camera case" textured deck-lid (painted NOT a decal)

-Cervini functional heat extractor hood

-Ford OEM quarter window louvers.

-I removed the mufflers the first day I had the car to paint everything that wasn't chrome black. If you don't, they rust like crazy.
Cup-holder delete.

Removed all buttons from the steering wheel.

I drive this car.
-Brembo 'GT Track Pack" brakes and 19" wheels.

-Koni shocks and struts

-H&R Lowering Springs

-Adjustable Pan-hard Bar

-Adjustable sway bar end-links
Wheel and Tire
I pulled out some sound deadening and nearly everything in the trunk to save weight.



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