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Mustang GT
Roush Stage 2
Ruby Red
Fully bolted on a 2012 v6 mustang and added numbers appearance mods. I loved the car but when i was originally buying i was specifically looking for the v8. At the time i would have had to buy a shelby or a Roush like i have now, but i just was not interested at the time. I got a really good deal on the v6 premium and after test driving i decided to pull the trigger.
Fast forward almost 2 years and a huge chunk of change invested, i cut my losses but did so with a smile on my face. I always wanted to mod a car so i got that one checked off my list. I also sold to really cool guy and he has sent me some pics of what he did to the car. So it went to a huge mustang fan.

I got my stage 2 roush on black friday while i had 4k in rebates available. I had positive equity on my car so that helped a bit too. No regrets on the v6 or the v8. You only live once and you may as well enjoy your life while you are here.

I wanted the stage 3, but they had so many add ons to all of their models that i can choose to have the dealership install it or anywhere else and come out several grand ahead. Looking Summer of 15/16 at the latest to throw it on. *wife gave approval for next summer. They had a similar stage 3 spec'd like mine and it stickered at 67k, as much as the shelby....I said no thanks.
2014 Mustang GT Roush Stage 2 (Ruby Red)


stock. I try to keep it clean. I've never done a car show so yeah.
Too stay off doing engine mods as i'm saving for the supercharger i've added some chrome trim pieces and a dead pedal cover (no pic). I added carbon fiber mirror covers and will add the console and steering wheel accents as soon as AM gets them in stock.
Roush body kit aero 6 package
20" roush wheels
Hood scoop
roush banner decal
Roush suspension. Rides ridiculously smooth. I love it. First thing my dad said was that it rides so good compared to the other.



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