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Aerostar XL
Cristal blue metallic & Twilight blue metallic
My first car, My 1990 Ford Aerostar XL.

He has been in my family since I was five years old. We got him in Manchester PA and have been all over America with him. I remember sitting in the Ford showroom drinking my Mountain Dew my mom gave me and coloring in the Ford coloring book the dealer gave me and my brother as my dad singed the papers. When he finished, they brought it around to let us take it home. When we walked out to get it, and I saw the van for the first time, I instantly fell in love with it and wanted it to be mine someday. As the years went on my family got another van and said that when I turned sixteen that I could have the van for my first car, and when I turned sixteen I was the new owner of the Blue Van. Since then it’s been all around America, from Pennsylvania to Colorado and back to Pennsylvania again where me and the Blue Van live now.

I am now twenty four (the Blue Van twenty three) with a degree in Automotive Industrial Design and hopefully to become a new car designer for Ford. :)
1990 Ford Aerostar XL (Cristal blue metallic & Twilight blue metallic)


The van has the stock fuel injected 4.0L V6 with Electronic 4 wheel drive with a custom twin turbo kit. I’ve estimated my horse power from 155 stock to 210 after all my engine upgrades. Also under the hood I have added; a custom embossed Ford logo battery box that I’ve made, blue cone air filter, and a Dynatech PowerCat catalytic converter.
In the interior I have upgraded the speakers, air brushed blue flames on the gear box housing, custom floor mats, a new CD player, MP3 jack and a new AM/FM radio and cassette player, finished off with Blue racing pedals.
When the van became mine it needed a lot of body work because of rust and faded paint and became my ongoing project. I took body shop classes and started to restore and upgrade the van. I got rid of all the rust and painted it back to the original paint color of Twilight blue metallic on top and bottom, and Crystal blue for the middle.

Some of the other exterior upgrades include; 14"x7" Cragar SS Super Sport wheels and white letter Dugless Performance tires, a custom Ford blue Thrush glasspack muffler, full flat black under coating, custom duel down sweep muffler tips, driving and fog lights, Moroso hood pins, custom grill, and custom painted gloss black running boards.
New CD player, new Sony Xplod speakers, MP3 jack and a new AM/FM radio and cassette player.
All stock but lowered 2''.



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