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General Information

Canyon Red
Purchased in 2001.
Have been modifying it to suit myself ever since.
Started out going for a street/strip car, but I may be changing my mind and end up going for a road race/handling package instead.
Decisions, decisions. :-)

It ran 12:50's in the quarter the last time it was there. Spinning badly in 1st and 2nd gear and well into 3rd. Learning curve and tire issues.

When I first bought it, it had just had around $12K spent on it for mods and restoration. The guy bought a new Ram pickup and left the Mustang at the Dodge dealership so they could try to sell it for him. They were asking $12K for it because the guy wanted to recover his expenditures. When I test drove it, it had a popping noise in the rearend and it was leaking antifreeze from what looked like a blown head gasket. With these faults and over 3 weeks of haggling I finally got the car for $5500.
When I got it home and began checking it out I found out that the "noise" in the rearend was from the Auburn Pro differential. an oil change and some additive and viola! no more noise. Then I checked out the antifreeze leak and discovered it was coming from the small port in the intake that is usually plumbed into the TB spacer which was not used on the Cobra intake. They had used a vacuum cap and small hose clamp to seal off the port, which of course blew out the vacuum cap because they were not designed to hold pressure. I removed the fitting and replaced it with a plug.
Those two small issues saved me and cost him a goodly sum of money. I haven't had a bit of trouble out of the car since. Not counting the issues with rapid rear tire wear when driving it. ;-)
1986 Ford Mustang (Canyon Red)


Keith Craft 306 CID, 405 HP, FMS Block, Eagle H-Beam Rods, J.E. Forged Pistons (9:5.1CR), Plasma Moly Rings, FMS Cast Steel Crankshaft, FMS X303 Camshaft, A.R.P. Main & Rod Studs, A.C.L. Main, Rod, & Cam Bearings, Canton 7qt. Oil Pan, DSS Main Stud Girdle.

Induction System:
FMS Cobra Upper & Lower intake ported, Edelbrock Performer RPM Aluminum Heads, ported w/ 1.94 IN & 1.60 EX Valves, and 1.6 Comp Roller Rockers.
Not installed yet mods - Edelbrock 70 MM Throttle Body, Abaco Performance 97mm Mass Air Flow Meter with Bell, Mr. Freeze Methanol Injection, and a Paxton Novi 2000 Supercharger.

Ignition System:
FMS Distributor, Dyna Module, Dyna Coil, Thundervolt 50 plug wires
Not installed yet mods – MSD Digital 6 Ignition, MSD Distributor, Anderson FMS PMS Tuner

Fuel System:
B.B.K. 190 lph. Fuel Pump, Adjustable Pressure Regulator, FMS 24 lb. Injectors, FMS Fuel Filter. Not installed yet mods – Holley 255 lph. SC Fuel Pump, 60 lph Siemens DEKA Fuel Injectors

Exhaust System:
BBK Equal Length 1 5/8� Headers, BBK 2 ½� Off Road H-Pipes, Flowmaster 2 Chamber Mufflers, Walker SS 2 ½� Tips
Not installed yet mods- BBK 1 ¾� Long Tube Headers & 3� Exhaust system to ensure adequate flow for the Paxton Novi 2000 supercharger.
Removed rear seats, sound deadening material and insulation. Will be installing seat delete kit.
Body- 1986 Mustang GT:
Stormin’ Norman fiberglass hood, HO Fibertrends fiberglass hatch w/Lexan rear window, changed rear ¼ windows to 88 GT style, replaced GT taillight lenses with LX lenses. Weight is down to 2850 lbs., 3050 with me in it.
Stereo Not Needed. The three foot pedals and gear shifter provide plenty of entertainment all by themselves.
Ford Motorsports Struts & Shocks, Southside Lower Lift Bars, Kenny Brown Super Sub Subframe Connectors, Adding custom built torque boxes at this time. Similar to the S.S.M. units, Rear Coilover Shocks & Springs. Not installed yet mods – Front Coilovers & Tubular K-Member & A-Arms.
Wheel and Tire
Motorsports T5 WC Transmission, Pro 5.0 Shifter, Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch, Heavy Duty Clutch Cable, 3:55 Motorsports Gears, Auburn Pro Differential
Not installed yet mods - Aluminum Driveshaft, LPS Differential Cover & Supports

Tires & Wheels:
Currently- Cheap Tires & Weld Draglite Wheels, 15� x 5� front & 15� x 10� rear.

Purchased/Fabricated Upgrades:
Aluminum bushings in rear end housing for upper control arms, double adjustable upper control arms, fabricated pistol grip shifter, line lock, quick release clutch quadrant, Install fabricated aluminum battery box & relocate battery to right rear, totally rebuilt and strengthened torque boxes…etc….etc.



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