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  1. Mustang News & General Discussions
    This would be super cool to have, looks like only three exist. And the best part it has a Cobra engine. from the article: But what happened to the concepts? The first one is located at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The second is at the Detroit Historical Museum, and car...
  2. Classic Mustangs
    I have a 1964 Mustang 289 4 barrel carb and its an auto. I don't want to lose any power, but is there much I can do to get better mpg? I've heard K&N air filters will help. Is that true? Thanks
  3. Classic Mustangs
    I am 17 year old male and this 64' Mustang is my first car. I am most likely going to be listening to Rap and a oldies rock. What kinds of brands should I look for in a system? Which systems would be inexpensive but would also have a good sound quality? What size sub should I get?
  4. Classic Mustangs
    this is for a science project and i am researching /testing how fast a 1964 mustang can go from 0-60mph.
  5. Classic Mustangs
    if i convert it to a v8 will it go to at least 200............i ask a technician he said it also thinking about putting a turbo charger on it....please help?
  6. Classic Mustangs
    What is a ballpark figure of worth of 1964 mustang convertable in "salvage" condition? old 1964 inoperable junker for restoration.
  7. Classic Mustangs
    I am selling my 1964 Mustang shelby to my nephew for 1600 dollars am i getting ripped off? its in good condition the only problem is there is a small scratch in the paint she says that makes the cost go way down cuz it could cause denting or something. should i sell it
  8. Classic Mustangs
    Yes. the link below is a complete page on it.
  9. Classic Mustangs
    It has some rust on it and has been sitting covered up but it still looks to be in pretty good condition as far as the body as a whole.It doesn't appear to be wrecked or anything.Thanks.
  10. Classic Mustangs
    What would you have to do to drop a 1994 302 mustang engine into 1964 mustang with a 260 in it? It'll bolt in. But getting it run will not be easy. The 64 lacks the sensors and locations for sensors that the 94 engine needs to function. There will also be issues with the electrics. Your best...
  11. Classic Mustangs
    Here are some pictures of the 1964 1/2 289 V8 4 valve I bought yesterday.
1-12 of 12 Results