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1966 mustang
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  1. General Mustang Discussion
    Can you please help me. There is an old 1966 coupe(looks like) and I need a couple of parts. I was wondering if I could use some of them. If so please list any of them that you can think of. It would help out a lot. I'M 15 years old and of course and just can't afford it. Thanks A LOT!!!!!!
  2. General Mustang Discussion
    I have a 66 mustang and I found a running galaxie with a 289 v8 for sale locally for just under a grand. What would be a ballpark estimate on having the suspension replaced and engine and tranny from the galaxie put in the mustang if I have bought most or all the parts prior to taking my car to...
  3. General Mustang Discussion
    Does anybody have a early mustang with a 289 that known about engine components? I am having trouble knowing what a part is called. Can anybody tell me the name of the part that is beside the fuel pump and above the oil filter it sort of looks like a small bell and what are its functions?. Can...
  4. Classic Mustangs
    Hello all I have been looking to get into a stang since i was like 5 and now I am getting close. The thing is I am kinda picky I mean I dont mind work but I want a certain body style and tranny and engine. I origanally wanted a 1993 fox 5.0 5 speed. Then I wanted a fastback stang 65-69 then came...
  5. Classic Mustangs
    Are there any good books or classes you recommend on restoring classic mustangs. I have a 1966 Mustang and i have little money, but i know i'll be kicking myself if i sell it and i also don't want it to sit and collect rust, so i must learn to fix it myself. Any help is appreciated. Where do I...
  6. Classic Mustangs
    only if it is a small block v8 (289) or 6 cylinder..
  7. Classic Mustangs
    I have a 1966 Mustang I have been rebuilidng, recently I have stopped work on it, it has just become to overwhelming. But anyways I have a 1967 Mustang it is in better condition than the Mustang I have now, What I was wondering is, will me Inline 6 out of my 1966 Mustang fit in the 1967, the...
  8. General Mustang Discussion
    I need help troubleshooting my fuel gauge in my 1966 Mustang, it says it's always FULL with hardly any gas in the tank, but when I turn off the car the meter goes down to empty as if it works. What can I check to see if i need new parts or if its a quick fix?
  9. General Mustang Discussion
    I've been having a little dispute with some friends lately about which of my cars weighs more. I have a 1966 Mustang and a 2007 Mustang. Now, my friends and I are all gearheads and they seem to think that the '66 weighs more, but I'm the only one who has driven both cars and I'm pretty well...
  10. General Mustang Discussion
    I am looking at a 1966 mustang GT for sale. I am not sure if it's a real GT? How do I know? VIN: 6F07A255729 65B V 64 11B 21 1 6
  11. Classic Mustangs
    I just bought a 66 mustang and the headlights are very dim. Wondering if I could replace them with xenon, halogen, or anything that would be stronger without needing to install a new wiring harness.
  12. Classic Mustangs
    I have a 66 Mustang Fastback which has front lap belts fitted. As our car goes out on hire by families I am keen to install seat belts in the back as well for obvious safety reasons. There are small slots in the corner of the rear seat as if to allow seat belts through the cushion. Does...
  13. Classic Mustangs
    Hi all. I just got my wife a 1966 Mustang. There are a few things that need fixed (door lock on Drivers side, door panel loose on passenger side, etc) that I think my non mechanical self could do. How do I go about removing the door panel? Do I need any special tools? Thanks Brian
  14. Mustangs for Sale and Wanted
    1966 mustang coupe Automatic. painted cherry red on May-2004. "C" code matching numbers, view pictures below of the actual car for sale rebuilt 289 engine, power steering, ac installed a new Holley 2 barrel Carb and a new fuel pump last week. will consider trade for cars,trucks,suv's,replica...
  15. Mustang Parts for Sale and Wanted
    1966 mustang coupe Automatic. painted cherry red on May-2004. email me for a picture. rebuilt 289 engine, power steering, ac. will consider trade for cars,trucks,suv's,replica car's,muscle cars, just email me your trade. email me at [email protected] Car is 98% finished email for more...
61-75 of 75 Results