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1968 mustang

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    Hello All from Gun Barrel City, Texas
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    Howdy does anybody have a few good pictures of the console and overhead console installed in there car. I am looking to get one for my 68 coupe with the C4 auto in it along with an AC unit. What I am wondering is how does the older aftermarket AC unit fit with it? Anybody have a good source...
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    Please choose the best engine for a '68 mustang in your opinion for the list, don't write anything else!!! Just tell me which you would choose. 1LR-GUE VR38DETT 2JZ-GTE RB26DETT N1
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    I'm looking for a supplier here in the USA. Someone who imports from China direct. I know of one, but I need another. It seems to be a mystery that no one wants to talk about.
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    I just got my first mustang, its a 1968 and its needs some TLC. I'm new to Mustangs and I came here in search of advice. Money isn't an issue and I want power, but not so much its un-realistic. Anyway what im looking to do is replace and restore from the ground up, and the first thing to go is...
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    which one is better and WHY?
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    I think the title is pretty self-explanatory: I have a 1968 mustang coupe with a vinyl top and the vinyl on the inside that stretches over the top is cracked and shrunk, I need to know how much it would most likely cost to get it replaced.
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    whats the diffrence from a 1968 mustang fuel tank with or without a drain?
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    I want to have a 4 speed or 5 speed. Any suggestions welcome. And where could i get this transmission for a good price?
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    I just got a 1968 mustang, and I noticed that it has a parking brake pedal, and a little clicking button under it, and a lever you can pull out; these are the only controls on the car that I do not understand how to operate/what they do to the fullest. Please explain this to the best of your...
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    I'm in need of 1971 mustang driver side spindle and hub but all i found so far is 1968 spindles off of ebay, will they fit?
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    i have a 1968 mustang with all oringal interior with engine no transmison what is it worth
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    a friend of the family was scraping a 69 mustang he told me i can have what ever i wanted off the car.i have a 68 so there wasn't much but the seats is identical to a 68 but with head he gave me the seats if they don't fit i can always switch out the seat question is will seat...
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    I'm planning on getting a 1968 Mustang. Since there older they might need to be worked on more. And I would like to do most of the work myself. But the problem is I know nothing about this car's technology so I was wondering. What things should I know about this car? -Thanks(:
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    My parents own one, and I'm wondering how many are left? is there any model that will give a decent guess? Does anyone know a website where they keep track? I know they originally made 3867 in 1968.
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    If you can trust this, 9 and 11 mpg - basically, if you baby it, fuel economy will be bad, and if you don't, it'll be terrible.
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    Can i put magnaflow mufflers on a JBA shorty header / h pipe setup on my 1968 mustang coupe? (289)? Yes you can. .
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    Set the points at 0.015 in. and the timing at 10 btdc for premium, and only 6 btdc for regular..Don't forget to unhook the vacuum advance when setting the timing.. The point gap effects the timing, so set the timing last.. If it's a six cylinder set the points at 0.025 in.
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    It's probably 140,000, but still worth it...
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    Bomber or street stock. Email: [email protected]