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  1. Classic Mustangs
    I'm wondering what the value of a completely rebuilt, 1971 Mustang Fastback with a 302 V8 engine would be. It has new paint done exactly like the original grabber blue even same type of paint used. Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Classic Mustangs
    What would be a good price for a 1971 mustang grande coupe that is priced at 5k? Price negotiable.? 90% new parts. Rebuilt in '03. Been in storage since '03 and last started up last November. Interior/exterior clean. Needs a new carburetor. Has some slight problems but nothing that affects the...
  3. Classic Mustangs
    it is currently not running, but hopefully i can fix that tomorrow. after i get it running, i just need to figure out what's wrong with the brakes.after i get it to stop and go, it just needs body i was just wondering if anybody knew how much it would sell for.thank you
  4. Classic Mustangs
    The wheel bearing went out while i was in town and i had to drive it about 1-2 miles so i could park it in a safe spot so i could find a trailer and bring it home. Once i got it home i pulled the wheel and drum off and the wheel bearing was seized to the spindle so i took my grinder and grind...
  5. Classic Mustangs
    How much would it cost to legalize a mexican 1971 mustang mach 1 into united states of america? i have a 1971 mustang mach 1 in mexico and i want to bring it to the US how much would it cost to legalize it
  6. Classic Mustangs
    I'm in need of 1971 mustang driver side spindle and hub but all i found so far is 1968 spindles off of ebay, will they fit?
  7. Classic Mustangs
    The VIN has only 11 digits, not 17.
  8. Classic Mustangs
    Its been pulling to the left when i would kind of brake hard and after awhile the driver side wheel bearing went out ( idk if that why it pulled left ) so i just replaced myself not to long ago but it still pulls to the left when i would brake hard, i didn't replace the drum brakes because i...
  9. Classic Mustangs
    I got a 73 302ci maverick and 71 302ci mustang, on the 71 mustang the spindle and hub are bad, and since my maverick is just sitting around with a blown motor and i won't be able to fix it till i start making money so for now i want to get 71 mustang going, will the spindle and hub from the...
  10. Classic Mustangs
    I'm having a hard time finding a drum brake hub for my 71 mustang online and was wondering if the 64-66 hub will fit? if not what hub will work for my 71 mustang? and i'm also having trouble finding a spindle for my 71 mustang any ideas what year spindle will work for it?
  11. Classic Mustangs
    With 4 barrel carb? 3 speed automatic? Thanks, Mike
  12. Classic Mustangs
    it has drum brakes all around. before i replaced the driver side wheel bearing it would pull left all the time under normal braking but now i replaced it and adjusted the drum brake it doesn't pull left anymore but now it pulls right, i'm gunna adjust the drum brake to see if it helps but would...
  13. Classic Mustangs
    Here are some cool videos of a complete restoration build by William and his nephew Ricky of MustangMedic who are currently restoring a 1971 Mach 1 Mustang Fastback Clone. It’s been 41 days so far and these are all of the videos on YouTube of them bringing this car back to mint condition...
1-15 of 16 Results