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1972 mustang

  1. Are the seat frames for the 1972 mustang the same as the 1970 mustang seat frames?

    Classic Mustangs
    I recently purchased a 1972 Ford Mustang and the passenger seat is missing, so i need to replace the entire frame and everything but i can not find out if the 1970 mustang seat frames are the same as the 1972 seat frames. Please help!
  2. Pictures of installing electric fuel pump on a 1972 mustang?

    Classic Mustangs
    need to know how to connect it right
  3. Can i put a torino frame on a 1972 mustang fastback?

    Classic Mustangs
    Both cars are unibody and completely differrent.Will not work.
  4. About how much will it cost to get a good paint job on a 1972 Mustang Mach 1?

    Classic Mustangs
    A lot depends on what you want to do, it goes without saying that this is a fairly rare classic car, and worth its weight in gold. Average retail is over 15 grand, high retail is over 20 grand, and ten years from now more than that. Finding the right shop who will do what is needed I guess is...
  5. Recently acquired a 1972 Mustang Mach 1 which has been 95% restored.?

    Classic Mustangs
    We are finishing the restoration. On the trunk to the right of the Mach 1 decal, there are three holes in the back panel drilled and I think we need a metal name Mustang (sort of written) to go there. Can't find it in any pics, does anybody know? Also would like to know how to tell which...
  6. What does h code stand for in a 1972 mustang?

    Classic Mustangs
    Fifth Digit: Engine L 6 Cyl. 250 CID, 1 barrel carburetor F 8 Cyl. 302 CID, 2 barrel carburetor H 8 Cyl. 351 CID, 2 barrel carburetor (Cleveland)
  7. What is a 1972 Mustang Grande Worth?

    Classic Mustangs
    There's a 1972 Mustang Grande in a town near me. Other than that it's an automatic transmission I don't know much about it. The sticker says that it's been 'rebuilt', and it's rust-free, but it's still worn and definitely hasn't been restored. The hardtop is the canvas kind,, and it's worn...
  8. 1975 Trans Am vs 1972 Mustang?

    Classic Mustangs
    Which of the two would win in a 1/4 mile drag. Hypothetically, the trans am has a 400 auto and the mustang has a 351 auto.
  9. Best engine for my 1972 Mustang?

    Classic Mustangs
    I'm looking for a new engine. Price isn't an issue. I just need it to have power. A lot of power.
  10. Is a 1972 mustang a good first car?

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    im 15 getting a new car and wanted to get a 1972 mustang convertible how does this car handle in the weather and how fast can it go k hahaha thats it thanks
  11. I need after market 1972 mustang grande front dash parts?

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    Lots of parts suppliers listed in the links at this group
  12. Just bought a 1972 mustang - question about maintenance?

    Classic Mustangs
    I just got myself a 72 mustang with a 351 cleveland 4v, however I'm not really a "mechanic" and I'm wondering is maintenance expensive for this car? Are parts expensive as well? Sorry it's really a broad question, but although I love classic muscle cars, I'm not really an "engine" guy...
  13. 1972 Mustang Convertible

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    For Sale 1972 Mustang Convertible 351 Cleveland automatic tranny red exterior with black interior black power top Air Have the original wheels [email protected] 479.738.6073 leave message