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  1. Classic Mustangs
    like a 302 or a 351?????? there is a 1974 mustang all orignal running for like $2000 and its in great condition. i want to buy it and drop a v8 into there but how hard/ how muc hwill it cost?including motor tranny suspension EVERTHING
  2. Classic Mustangs
    i would like to get rid of the 4 banger and drop a 302 to give it a little snort behind the wheel.
  3. Classic Mustangs
    so I have a 1974 mustang with only a 4 cylinder and it has a 4 speed manual trany, I don't want a 4 banger in my mustang so Is there any V8 that will mount up to the trany, or will a V8 tweak my frame or something!!!
  4. Classic Mustangs
    Ok, so my buddy owns a 1974 mustang ii fastback, he has 3 of them. They all are in a junkyard and between all of them I think I can make a whole. Are they any what rare as a fast back and are they worth fixing up?
  5. Classic Mustangs
    You will need to cut the drive shaft to length. You will need to change the shifter linkage some. Check the crank to be sure that the torque converter will fit and that the flex plate has a matching bolt pattern. It will probably fit fine, but you may need to take a die grinder and grind out...
  6. Classic Mustangs
    you can make the turbo work off of a 1984 SVO Mustang. Hard to get but it'll work. Try ebay. Also, the guy's post below mine is crazy. The 2.8 in the SVO can be easily tuned to run in the low 12's.
  7. Classic Mustangs
    I love the body of the Mach 1 but it is often critisized of being a "black sheep" of classic Mustangs. Are there are other cars that have an almost identical body, but higher esteem. And please save the unobtainable cars.
1-8 of 8 Results