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  1. Classic Mustangs
    with the mustang model im thinkin of it has like a window right above the head of the driver and the passenger. they arent connected and i find it strange. is there a purpose to these?
  2. Classic Mustangs
    I found a yellow fusible link wire burnt out on my wiring harness in my engine compartment and i don't know were it came from could some one give me a hand
  3. Classic Mustangs
    I bought a junk cobra II mustang with the original motor for 300 dollars to repair for fun, which turned into a total makeover for the car. I've managed to get it running, greatly, I might add, and after a few adjustments all it will need is purely cosmetic work (new paint job and etc) The...
  4. Classic Mustangs
    the spindle and entire assembly came out. The wheel hub, spindle. I jacked up the car and pushed it back in and it pulled fine and then it came out again. What holds the spindle in? Do I have to take the differential apart?
  5. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    I know its a dumb question, but im desperate for one, so dont call me stupid or anything please.
  6. Classic Mustangs
    an old 1976 mustang, wont start. it started about 6 months ago. what we know is that when we turn the motor over, there is no spark until AFTER the motor is almost done turning over (when you stop trying to start it/let go of the ignition) it will spark at that time ONCE, and try to start...
  7. Mustang News & General Discussions
    I want to sell it what is it worth interior is good paint is also good
  8. Classic Mustangs
    ive looked every were..i would like to buy the picture and frame it. thanks joe..
  9. Classic Mustangs
    i'am 15 and my mom bought me a 1976 mustang cobra II. its got a new 302 v8 in it and everything.. it was working good till one day i tryed to start it and all i hear is a grinding sound.. the fan in the front wont even spin. my friend he sad its might be the the starter.. so it there a way to...
  10. Classic Mustangs
    Depends a great deal on the parts you are looking for, I can find most of them Call me at wprk monday i search parts for a living. 888 999 9827 ask for BIll
  11. Classic Mustangs
    i have a 1976 mustang cobra 2 and have recently started doing some rebuilding on it , does any1 know of somehwere that i can find parts for my car? any reproduction companys or anything i could order from, any help is greatly appreciated
  12. Classic Mustangs
    we have looked and can not find it
  13. Mustang News & General Discussions
    Can somebody find me a picture of 1976 mustang front seats
  14. Mustang News & General Discussions
    Yes, they didn't want to tarnish the 'Cobra' name by putting it on those little pieces of crap, so they called them 'Cobra II'. Only because 'Cobra, Jr.' sounded too cheesey!
  15. Classic Mustangs
    he bought a 1976 mustang for $9,000 and he wants to make it like the black and gold cobra II and his 55th birthday is coming up in january? let me in on some ideas please.
  16. Mustang News & General Discussions
    How much do you think this car is worth its in fair condition. i love this car and dont wanna sell it just wondering what it would be worth its white with blue racing strips and has a few scratchs and a little bit of rust.
1-16 of 17 Results