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  1. Mustang News & General Discussions
    It has a 302 boss and I was told that there were only 500 of this model made
  2. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    Thinking of doing a project where I will replace the front of my 89 mustang foxbody hatch gt with the front a 1982 mustang. In my opinion I think it will look amazing if done properly. It seems like I cant find any 82's for sale on the internet. It would make life alot easier if anyone knew of a...
  3. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    is there a difference in the fly wheel for a 1987 mustang 302 with a standard trans. and a 1982 mustang with a 302 standard trans.
  4. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    Someone in my family has a 1982 gray mustang, we were wondering how much its worth.
  5. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    So I was on craigslist and I came across this guy that has a 1982 Mustang saac mkII, but I googled it and the only year it shows is 1993. Is this car real or not??
1-5 of 5 Results