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  1. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    Ok my mustang starts but if it's kept on for around 15 min and I turn it off it won't start it cranks but won't start theirs fuel and I checked spark but spark only comes out sometimes it won't spark at times so u think it's the ignition module can i get your input please any help will be...
  2. Mustang News & General Discussions
    I started with a fuel pump issue not getting power to the pump so I replace the relay,wiring and fuel pump and still not getting any power to the fuel pump from the relay back without crossing out over, I have bypassed the inertia switch just in case it was an issue and I got nothing, now the...
  3. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    I've put a new relay,fuel pump,and new wires and now it won't fire and the ignition is clicking and sometimes sticking even with the key off ,I think it may be the module or the ignition switch,any suggestions???
  4. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    I have a 1987 mustang lx 5.0 engine that I was wondering if it will go with a wiring harness from a 1988 mustang lx 5.0 cause the engine on my 1988 mustang lx is going to need to be over hauled so I have this extra engine that I want to drop on my 1988 mustang lx 5.0 if anyone can help me I...
  5. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    My 1987 mustang idles a bit funny when its in idle in stop or drive while holding the brake it goes up and down I say between 600 to 900 rpms if its left on for a bit it will turn off the more The car stays on the worst the idling get if I can get help thanks in advance really do appreciate it...
  6. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    Were any of them used as cops car and how much horsepower did they have. Also is a kickback cable for the trans hard to install
  7. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    I have to replace the top on the car and the guy that I got the car from had a brand new top still in the box. He gave it to me just wondering should I install it or should I get a pro to do it. Has anyone done it and how hard is it. Thanks
  8. Mach I & Other Special Editions
    I have a 1987 mustang McLaren 5.0 and it leaking fuel from the fuel Lines do i have to replace all the fuel lines together or can just change like fittings, seal? What can do to fix this do i really have to replace the complete fuel lines?
  9. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    To start this off I will be posting to many, many forums my problem. First off, Details Of Motor: Block: 302 bored 30 over Crank: Stock Pistons: Stock Cam: B-303 Heads: Aluminum Gt-40 SVO Rockers: Stock Intake Lower: Gt-40 Intake Upper: Gt-40 EGR Spacer: 70mm Throttle Body: 70mm Intake Tube...
  10. Mustang News & General Discussions
    I have a 1987 mustang lx convertible. Well kept. it has only 25,000 miles on it. Iwant to sell it, but i want to make changes beforehand. Can someone please help me. Would a newer radio then the original mustang radio depreciate the value on the car?
  11. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    i have an 87 mustang 5.0 i left it in my garage for a year or two and decided to take it out it again it only has 111K miles on it. but when i turned it on it would start for a minute then turn off by itself and i check the spark plus there were ok but i check the plugs and i seen one wire burnt...
  12. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    I just bought a 1987 mustang hatchback with a HO 5.0 motor. I know the timing is lagging a little but it won't idle unless you keep giving it a little gas. When I put a fuel pump in it, it helped a little bit. I was told it was a computer issue. Would I be better off fixing that or converting it...
  13. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    The dash cluster, the tachometer and oil pressure Gages are the only ones that work... do you think i should have someone install a new one, or try to track each one down and fix it.
  14. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    Do i need to get new bumpers, hood, or anything else to put the 87 model mustang headlights on a 1986 mustang, or will the lights fit anyway? Also, if I bought body parts for an 87 mustang such as the front bumper, will it fit without any problems or will i need to do extra work to convert the...
  15. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    Im wanting to replace my '79 Mustang fox body coupe headlights with aftermarket ones. But I can only find them for a '87 stang, will that work?
  16. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    is there a difference in the fly wheel for a 1987 mustang 302 with a standard trans. and a 1982 mustang with a 302 standard trans.
  17. 1979 - 1995 Mustang GT (Fox - 3rd Gen - 5.0L)
    I have a 1987 mustang gt and why dos it keep dieing after it been started for 30 mins? It could be the TPS or IAC, clean or replace.. Ford Mustang IAC IAB - Solving your idle problemsDoes your idle rise and fall over and over again? Does your 'Stang stall when you come to a stop, or even when...
  18. Mustang News & General Discussions
    My dad just gave it to me for a starter car its not running at the moment but just need to fix the fuel pump but other thn that its good. it dosnt have the stock 5.0 in it but im trying to find one i just want some cheap and easy things i can do to make it faster. If you know some one with a...
  19. ⚫️ Archived Listings
    found this on craigs list. its NOT my car, so don't ask me about it... I don't know a thing about it. Just though i'd post it here since its pretty rare. 1987 mustang mclaren
1-19 of 22 Results