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  1. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    Hello I am trying to trace a short when I press the clutch to change gears the radio goes off, kind of like the key was turned off it returns after I release the clutch, it doesn't not happen all the time here is what I have done Ensured all wires were clear of the clutch and the path the...
  2. 2.3L and SVO Mustang
    I'm looking into putting a cold air on my car to add some horse power I just have no clue on what to get any help????? Here is a picture of my engine
  3. Mustang General Discussions
    The motor is from a 1984 f-150. It's a 350 small block V8, and the car had a 2.3 litre 4-cylinder. Is it possible without too much difficulty? Will the transmission/drive-train survive the boost in power?
  4. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    Well I have just purchased my first car (W00T!) for $2000, the car runs and looks great, I bought it with all of MY own money from my job. The car is a convertible. Well I drove it today with my dad, and the car is a dog, it accelerates so slow. My dad's V6 minivan is way faster, my car is a V4...
  5. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    how much do a 1991 ford mustang gt is worth
  6. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    1995 Ford taurus ,1991 mustang GT ,AIR CONDITION SWAP POSSIBLE?
  7. 2.3L and SVO Mustang
    I have a 1991 mustang lx 2.3l here lately through first and secound gear it really loses power then all of a sudden it will kick in really hard not to sure why? i have already done a complete tune up including the timing belt and brand new fuel pump, still running horriably, if anyone knows...
  8. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    If so wat would I have to change
  9. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    I have an eighty's frame on a 91 convertible do I buy an old style top ?
  10. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    My 1991 Mustang GT spudders, and hesitates when I start it up and while Im driving. It will sometimes die on my and I let it sit for 15 mins and it will fire right back up like nothing happened. It doesn't happen everytime through. It can run for weeks and not mess up then the next day it can be...
  11. ⚫️ Archived Listings
    Selling my 91 mustang lx 5.0 on ebay. Just wanted to get the word out. Cut and paste this link eBay Motors: Ford : Mustang (item 250093465887 end time Mar-25-07 20:00:00 PDT) Or Ebay Item 250093465887
  12. ⚫️ Archived Listings
    1991 Mustang GT Red, Losing my job is the only reason I am selling. 5 speed Power Windows, Locks, Cruise,Rockford Fosgate CD Player, New Tint, New Battery, New Power Streering Hoses, New Water Pump, New Head Lights, marker lights, and Fog lights, New shifter, Brake pads,. Original owner. This is...
1-14 of 15 Results