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  1. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    Recently put in a upper and lower intake. 24 lbs injectors fuel pump mass airflow sensor cam. My car is now turning off and when I give it gas it'll shutter
  2. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    The car does NOT heat up while I drive and the low coolant doesnt come up. I know its not a faulty thermostat because I just had it replaced. what can be wrong and how much will I need to fix it?
  3. Mustang General Discussions
    I know both have some good power but would the GTI with a 30 mpg rating be better than the mustang?
  4. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    The car misfires on all cylinders on the passenger side (1 through 4). Cylinders 5-8 hit perfectly. I did a compression test and cylinders 1 and 2 read about "105psi". 3 and 4 read about "90psi". Could this be a possible head gasket issue or valves? The plugs are black and wet. Cylinders 5...
  5. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    not looking to spend more than 500. I dont need race quality shocks just better than average.
  6. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    I have a 1992 mustang GT. and everytime i push down the brake pedal it squeaks. whats wrong? it only happens when I push down or release the brake. do I need to just lube the brake pedal or what?
  7. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    and even go on some road trips.(yes I know its a gas guzzler but Im getting one passed down to me)
  8. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    has few mods:CAI, Mac headers, Mac exhaust, MSD distributor cap, aluminum radiator.
  9. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    I have 1992 Mustang Gt. I am thinking about selling it. what used car would you recommend for me? I want a fast car with a good amount of torque. But i just want a newer little more reliable car. i can pay up to 8 grand. suggestions?
  10. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    which one is faster or wins in a race?
  11. Mustang General Discussions
    Went to the track last night. Running slicks, tried launching at 5000 rpm's then at 3000 rpm's. Immediately falls on it's face. Then takes off like a rocket. Is that turbo lag or my driving? :cool::cool::cool::disgust:
  12. Mustang General Discussions
    My Friend has 1992 Ford Mustang 2.3l I4 cylinders engine. It has eight spark plugs. He wants to know where to get turbo kit from? Can it get from 1986 mustang SVO? But the SVO has four spark plugs. If he gets the turbo for his car, does he have to change transmission? Thanks!
  13. Mustang General Discussions
    I have a 1992 mustang GT Can any one install a fuel pressure regulator or is a mechanic needed? not a high performance part it is a stock part
  14. ⚫️ Archived Listings
    1992 Mustang GT Time, space, and health necessitates the sale of my one-owner 1992 Mustang GT. This is not a fun decision. Actually it hurts to write this ad. I prefer to sell it to someone who's always wanted something like this and will improve on it, not cut it up to race. This is NOT a...
  15. Classic Mustangs
    Im working on restoring my aging 1992 mustang gt 5speed I am building a motor for it and would like to know the original compression ratio is in a stock 5.0 302 ci HO motor, also I would like to know what the lift and duration is on the factory roller cam. I have been having nothing but trouble...
  16. Mustang General Discussions
    Came across a 1992 Mustang special edition, vibrant red convertible, 48,000 miles, 5 speed, bone stock and not abused. He's asking 6900, amy thoughts ? Thanks.
  17. ⚫️ Archived Listings
    1992 Mustang LX 5.0 in excellent condition paint is probably 7 out of 10. 155,000 miles on the car  17x9 Chrome Cobra R rims Continental tires (255/40/17) [$1000]  2.5” Cowl Hood [$300]  Saleen wing [$150]  MAC Cold Air Intake[$135]  EBay ceramic coated headers[$160]  MAC H-Pipe w/ high...
1-17 of 21 Results