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  1. Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    Hi guys, New Yorker here, I got this mustang in 2004 as a gift from my dad when i graduated basic training in the Marine Corps. I did a few things here and there but nothing major. Life got in the way and stopped working on it, then it sat for a few months, then i sold it to my sister when y...
  2. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    Hello all, I am experiencing some idle issues, where at initial start, the car idles fine, but about after a min or two...the idle surges, repeatedly, as if I am stepping on the gas and then returns to normal. My car was idling perfect, until I replaced the power steering pump. While replacing...
  3. ⚫️ Archived Listings
    Hey guys, I recently purchased a new mustang and have no use for my 94. I have more than the price I paid for the car in parts. Give me a pm if interested! Here's the real add, please thake the time to read the add on Craigslist. will post a pic of with my username and date when I get time...
  4. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    Okay so I found a supercharger on cl and I have no idea what questions to ask to make sure what I am getting will work please help me thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Mustang Evolution
  5. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    Will my car still run with the cluster unplugged? Thinking about doing a custom cluster and needing to remove the old stock one.
  6. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    How do you take headlights out of a 1994 mustang gt.?
  7. Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    What will I need? Ik ill need the cobra radiator, suspension, 8.8 axle, the 5.0's harness and pcm (what is ecu?), k-member, was told id need the bellhousing, my t5 trans will work (will a t56 work?), and cobra fuel pump. Ik I must be forgetting something. Any help is appreciated.
  8. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    my connection on my light switch to turn on my dash lights and my tail lights is bad. the wire is loose and i keep losing connection so driving at night has become a hassle. ive tried using electral tape to tape the wire tight to the assembly but its not a good solution considering im trying to...
  9. Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    Hey there guys, I need your HELP. I have a 1994 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible. I am trying to repair and bring it up to specs. In doing that, one of my issues is saggy doors. I have searched several forums, but I am getting conflicting resolutions. Some say change the pins and bushings and other...
  10. 1979-1995 Mustang GT
    Iam looking at a 94 mustang that has flowmasters that are "okay" sounding other then that bone stock looking for good upgrades performance and visual ones thinking about the fastback back window design and the shelby side window scoops just let me know what you guys think thankss
  11. 1996-2004 Mustang GT
    I have a 94 mustang gt auto...and I'm having trouble trying to find out why my car jerk and hesitate on kind of a hard acceleration...I have got the distributor cap set, plugs and wires change, distributor cap change and rotor button change, tps sensor change and fuel filter and it still does it...
  12. Mustang General Discussions
    I have a 1994 mustang want to put 400 horses can it still be my daily driver and pass smog? and drive it for 4 hours straight doing 80 and not overheating i live in California
  13. Mustang General Discussions
    If its possible I'd like to buy a fuel consumption guage for my car. It's a 1994 5.0 mustang gt. it would be greatly appreciated
  14. Mustang General Discussions
    Which would get me more money parting out my 1994 mustang gt or selling it all together? Depends. If it was a 5.0 and is in half way decent shape you might get a little more out of it since there are enthusiasts who still buy these and and restore them. If it was wrecked badly you will probably...
  15. Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    1994 mustang 3.8L just put motor in will not stay running code po135 what should i do Thanks? The first thing to do is check all of the O2 sensor wiring and check the connector inside for folded over pins!
  16. Mustang General Discussions
    Did the 94 mustang v6 have an 8.8 rear or a 7.5 rear?
1-16 of 57 Results