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2001 mustang
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  1. Mustangs for Sale and Wanted
    For sale 2001 Mustang Gt white with cloth interior both I would rate 7-8 on a scale of 1-10. Car has 66000 miles 5 speed, cold air kit, Mac 70mm tb, ported plenum, Ford racing c-springs, new struts, new shocks, chin spoiler and grill delete, Fiore firewall clutch adjuster, has chrome bullets on...
  2. 1996-2004 Mustang GT
    I recently just purchased this and added new air intake, I know the exhaust was modified cause it sounds way to loud for normal gt (sounds awesome) Havent had a chance to roll under there and see what the previous owner did to it yet... Any advice to give me so I can know what mods the former...
  3. Mustang Parts for Sale and Wanted
    I am selling a 2001 Black Mustang GT with the whole S281 Conversion all authentic Saleen parts. Its an automatic with 25,691 miles on it and I bought this car brand new. It has never been wrecked and has never seen rain or snow, and is in showroom condition. The saleen bodywork has the following...
  4. Mustang Parts for Sale and Wanted
    I just got another car, I am selling my 2001 v6 with TONs of crap on it as is, maybe swaping rims out.. but they will be nice rims either way. If you would like to talk to me about it PM me for information on contacting me. The modifications are in my signature. The car is VERY PAMPERED. The...
  5. Mustangs for Sale and Wanted
    I bought this car brand new in '01. The car has 54,xxx miles on it and 5K miles on new set up. Specifics on motor upon request. Motor made 336.XX N/A. '99 Cobra front bumper and wingless. 17x9 front and 17x10.5 rear, silver metallic DD Bullitts, 275/40/17 Kumho Ecsta 712 front and 335/35/17...
  6. Mustang Parts for Sale and Wanted
    just like the title says. i can get OEM ford ones brand new for $55 on ebay, but if you have a used one in good condition for less i'll consider it
  7. Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    The car has had an frontend accident, and i have fixed all the body damage but it will not start. it does not make a sound when you try to start it.
61-67 of 69 Results