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2004 cobra

  1. 2004 cobra direct fuel mod

    SVT Mustang
    Does anyone know about the direct fuel mod? Ive been trying to figure it our but cant find it Sent from my SM-N920T using Mustang Evolution mobile app
  2. For Sale: 2004 Cobra Exhaust

    Mustang Parts for Sale and Wanted
    Have a full exhaust setup from my 2004 Cobra it's all stock with maybe 500 miles on it. Stored in my garage sense the day it came off the car. Located in Westland Mi 48186. The system is clean and all there. $400+shipping Sent from my iPhone using Mustang Evolutio
  3. Looking to bolt in a 2004 cobra engine/trans/driveshaft

    1996-2004 Mustang GT
    Basically I hav a 2001 GT with a snapped rod that I scored for $800, and a full 04 cobra setup with all the wiring harnesses up til the end of the driveshaft- now I kno some ppl usually do solid axel swaps in their 04 cobras, but I'm planning on having this bolt directly to the GT solid rear...
  4. 2004 cobra line locks

    1996-2004 Mustang GT
    Ok I've installed line locks. When I engage them it will hold a little bit but it is nowhere near enough to even hold the car on a hill. I bled the master Cylinder and brakes. My friend even used an auto bleeder at his work and still nothing. What could be wrong? I can hear the cylinoid...
  5. 2004 cobra destroyed told yah so

    The Bar
    This is why some people shouldn't own a mustang. He had this car not even a month and now it's destroyed. Makes me mad the thought of seeing a perfectly good cobra ruined
  6. These Are The People That Built Your 2003-2004 Cobra Engines

    Latest Mustang News
    The 2003 and 2004 Mustang Cobra, code named Terminators, took back the horsepower crown from the Chevy Camaro when they … More...
  7. 1997 bumper to 2004 cobra bumper

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    I have a 1997 mustang an I love the 2003-2004 cobra body style will the cobra bumper from 2003-2004 fit my 1997?
  8. 2004 cobra wighes 4k??

    General Mustang Discussion
    So like 10 mins ago i was talking to my friends and they both agree that a 2004 cobra svt woeghs 4000 pounds and is crap because its rear wheel drive and cant be an infinite that is all wheel drive i mean i dont know a lot about cobras but that dosent sound correct does it
  9. 2003-2004 Cobra Specs

    SVT Mustang
    specs on the 03 Cobra Motor: Engine Displacement 4.6L (4V) (281 CID) Number of cylinders 8 Bore 90.2 mm (3.55 in) Stroke 90.0 mm (3.54 in) Firing order 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 Oil pressure 138-310 kPa Oil capacity 6 ± 0.25 a Compression ratio 8.5:1 Cylinder Head and Valve Train Cylinder head gasket...
  10. *OFFICIAL* Looking for 2003/2004 cobra

    The Bar
    Well I am going to have my car paid off very soon (today if I wanted to) and thus I am starting my look for a 2003/2004 cobra. I had considered the 05 gt but... they are over priced for what you get, 27-29k for a hardtop GT.... I dont think so.... and its just a GT... so nothing super special...
  11. 2004 Cobra or Mach1..... Hell, maybe I'll get both!

    The Bar
    Read it and weep you losers!!!!!!!! Email *************************************************** EURO LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL BELGIUM.) Ref. Number: IMFD 044/576/577/7D Batch Number: 5455-98774-FG 7K Sir/Madam We are pleased to inform you about the result of the Winners International...