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2008 shelby gt

  1. Dealer Totals 2008 Shelby GT500 on Test Drive, Car Owner Cries Foul.

    General Mustang Discussion
    This is why I always stay with my car. Mastroianni’s 2008 Shelby GT500 Mustang was totaled during a test drive by a Ford dealer employee. His next shock was to learn that he wouldn’t receive a replacement or full compensation for the $60,000 he felt the car was worth. “I can go on and on about...
  2. Cold air intake for 2008 shelby gt

    Shelby Mustang
    What kind of CAI fit for 2008 shelby gt?
  3. S197 saleen on 2008 shelby gt 500 with drag radials

    Mustang Wheels & Tires
    Want some feed back guys/gals. What do you think? I'm getting mixed reviews from my buddies. I like em. Look very stealthy to me.
  4. 2008 Shelby GT500 Mustangs

    Anderson Ford Mercury
    Shelby's in Stock! We currently have 3 Shelby's in stock!! THE MOST POWERFUL MUSTANG EVER BUILT FROM FORD! A collaboration of Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT) & Carroll Shelby, the GT500 is produced in limited quantities. A deep, addictive rumbling from...
  5. 2008 Shelby GT

    New Member Introductions & Greetings
    Lovin' my new Shelby. My Shelby might be the furthest north Shelby in the world. I'm from 8 miles above the Arctic Circle, in Alaska.
  6. 2008 Shelby GT500KR

    General Mustang Discussion has written an article about a possible Shelby GT500KR (King of the Road) to be built. The concept car looks almost exactly like a GT500 except for a few small visual changes, but not much other info is given. Its rumored that this could be basically a knew Cobra R. The car...