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2012 boss 302

  1. Boss Mustang
    Ok so my parents are in the process of buying a 2012 Boss 302, and everything about it seems great. It's a 2012 in comp orange with 17500 miles on it. They are getting it for a really good deal aswell for only 27k because a salesman at the dealer lowered the price without the managers permission...
  2. 2011-2014 Mustang GT
    On the way to the Nurburgring along with an SRT392, and an M3. Both cars are limited to 155mph. WTF ford? The GT indicated 151, but was showing 149 on its gps. Boss 302 was indicating 160mph, but was showing 155-156 on it's gps.
  3. Boss Mustang
    Is there a Ford Premium radio (not aftermarket) that would slip into Boss without modification & allow factory Sirius or Sync? Does the Premium radio offer any advantages over my stocker? Also does anyone know the list P/N's on each of te standard & Premium units? Thanks for any...
  4. 2011-2014 Mustang GT
    Ok so I have a 2012 GT 6 speed with a tune jlt intake Barton short throw shifter and roush axel backs. My buddy is trying to buy a 2012 boss 302 and is convinced it will outrun my car. It's bone stock and honestly it could I have no idea what do you think?
  5. Boss Mustang
    post any cool videos of the boss 302 in action.
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  7. AmericanMuscle
    2012 Boss 302 Mustang Side-Exit Exhaust & Kooks Long Tube Headers Sound Clip - YouTube If you’ve been following our 2012 Boss 302, you know that we’ve been doing what many Boss owners dare to do… use the car for what it was built for! Most Mustang junkies will know that one of the coolest...
  8. AmericanMuscle
    2012 Boss 302 Gets Mods, Dyno Tune and Track Tested! - YouTube A few weeks back, Pete Epple of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords dropped by to check out our untouched 2012 Boss 302! While he was here, we added a few modifications to help us make this thing just a little bit faster! After a round...
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  14. Boss Mustang
    I know It's a 2012, but will Ford let the Boss out early like in 2011 maybe around December time
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    Lethal Performance has been very busy building up their new 2012 BOSS 302. They even let Vaughn Gittin, Jr., break … Original Article: Lethal Performance Video: First 2012 BOSS 302 To Reach The 10′s!
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