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    Not sure if its worth the asking price? But it looks nice. From the article: A few years ago, Electronic Arts called up Shelby regarding a possible Need for Speed Edition Super Snake GT500 Mustang that was later supposed to be auctioned off. Because of Shelby's death in 2012, the auction was...
  2. Shelby Mustang
    Shelby America is celebrating tonight at 6:55 pm (pacific time) in honor of Carroll Shelby by asking mustang owners everywhere to rev up their mustangs. Who's in?
  3. General Mustang Discussion
    The legendary Car builder passes away at 89. Carroll Shelby, legendary car builder and racing champion, dies at age 89 | Motoramic - Yahoo! Autos
  4. 2005-2010 Mustang GT
    He did a lot the the muscle car and race car world. He will be missed
  5. Shelby Mustang
    It's a sad day for us all. Carroll Shelby, Automotive Legend, Dead At 89
  6. Shelby Mustang
    Have a 1967 mustang fastback and was looking for a pair of visors signed by Mr. Shelby himself. I was wondering if anyone had some or know how to get some now that the autograph program is suspended. If anyone has some and would be willing to part with it please let me know!
  7. Classic Mustangs
    I Have a 1967 mustang fastback and have been looking for some black sun visors signed by Carroll Shelby does anyone have any for sell? Does anyone know where to get some now that the autograph program is suspended?
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    In Their Own Words, an online video series by Ford Racing, takes a look at racing legends and their history … More...
  9. Latest Mustang News
    The generous folks at the Carroll Shelby Foundation have teamed up with Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, Calfornia and 702 … More...
  10. Latest Mustang News
    Carroll Shelby is being accused by a former receptionist of sexual assault and ignoring a complaint that she was raped … Original Article: TMZ Reporting Carroll Shelby Is Being Sued For Sexual Harassment
  11. Latest Mustang News
    Let’s add one more thing to Carroll Shelby’s amazing pile of successes. Automotive News, industry publication, announced that they will … More...
  12. American Muscle now offers Carroll Shelby Mustang Wheels. We carry the hottest selection Shelby Wheels including the CS56 and CS69 styles for the 2005+ Mustang. Carroll Shelby Mustang Wheels