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help a brother out

  1. General Mustang Discussion
    I Recently (supposedly) got a stage 1(2000) contacted roush they told me there data didn’t go back that far to check it’s authenticity could anyone point me in the right direction of finding this out?thanks
  2. Mustang 101 - Tech Basics | Ask an Expert
    Hi I just sold my Jeep and am looking to buy an 05-09 mustang, I'm wondering what I need to know to look for when buying and testing out the car, like what's high mileage for those years and whats a good price that would match that mileage and anything else that would help, Thanks!
  3. 2005-2010 Mustang GT
    08 mustang gt cat delete now the car smells of like the fuel is rich coming from the exhaust is that normal? Am I just paranoid? I plan to order a tune today...but some say if I dont do a cat delete then it will continue to run rich?