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  1. Mustang 101 - Tech Basics | Ask an Expert
    Hi I just sold my Jeep and am looking to buy an 05-09 mustang, I'm wondering what I need to know to look for when buying and testing out the car, like what's high mileage for those years and whats a good price that would match that mileage and anything else that would help, Thanks!
  2. Mustang 101 - Tech Basics | Ask an Expert
    I'm slowly upgrading my (2011 5.0) stangs internals to get some more get up and go out of her. Currently have new nkg plugs, street racing coils, 47lb injectors (800cc roughly I believe). I have a basic race tune right now and am running 93. I plan to switch to e-85 soon when I buy a bigger fuel...
  3. Mustang 101 - Tech Basics | Ask an Expert
    Hey everyone, this is my first actual post after using different threads on here like a bible when working on my car! So a little background, I have a 2017 V6 Mustang and it has the following mods so far: BBK Shorty Headers Cat Delete Magnaflow 2-in/2-out acting as a resonator/XPipe (I got...
  4. Mustang 101 - Tech Basics | Ask an Expert
    I just replaced my radiator because there was a nice sized crack in it, I was curious however if i should add transmission fluid to account for the old fluid that was in my radiator?
  5. 2015+ Mustang Ecoboost (and V6)
    I’m looking into getting a tuner for my 16 v6. Are there any that yall can suggest? And is it even worth it?