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  1. new edge difference?

    1996-2004 Mustang GT
    Is there any difference from the new edge gt mustang like in horsepower or anything
  2. New Edge Mustang Body Kits

    1996-2004 Mustang GT
    What do you guys think? Post any other body kits you guys think look good. I'm really only looking to get a new rear bumper and front bumper. I like the cobra front end.
  3. One new edge downfall

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    There's only one thing I don't like about the new edges. Only one besides it deserved the new 5.0 engine. Here it is, the quarter windows. I can't stand them they are dumb. I wish there was a quarter window delete panel. I'd certainly get it. No you have to go get quarter window louvers this...
  4. April 2012 Mustang of the Month Competition: Battle of the New Edges!

    It's time again to vote for the Mustang of the Month! April's nominees are as follows for the New Edge Battle! 02PONY's 2002 Mustang GT: Jamesgt08's 2000 Mustang GT: sonicpony03's 2003...
  5. Plasti Dipped New Edge GIMME YO HELP! lol

    Mustang Paint, Appearance & Detailing
    Ok, I love my ME pals and figured I am going to give the first 25 people a shot at being on this car! here are the rules. Give me something to draw that isnt too outrageous Nothing obscene (remember kids will see this) And give me your initials of your first and last name. The Goal: To...
  6. Plasti Dipped New Edge Vert

    Mustang Paint, Appearance & Detailing
    Ok everyone, The time is here. The garage is all cleared out, the new heavy duty exhaust fan and air cleaner is put in and running well, time to get the car dismantled. I am not just going to spray and leave some gaps so I figured hood, underhood, doors, doorjams, trunk, bumpers, fenders, rear...
  7. White Wheels on Black New Edge :)

    1996-2004 Mustang GT
    Hey guys... I am hoping to pick up some 17x9 and 17x10.5 03-04 cobra wheels this weekend and I will be painting them white... I have the 99-01 bronze cobra's still but I wanted to add something to change yet again so hopefully I can pick up these wheels friday and i will keep everyone posted...
  8. New Edge Newbie :)

    New Member Introductions & Greetings
    Hey there! The hubs and I just bought our first mustang...a 2002 Mustang GT convertible :) She needs a little TLC, but we're excited to start the process of personalizing her! We started small with an 8" shorty antenna :)
  9. Grabber Blue New Edge FRESHLY PAINTED

    Pictures and Videos
    Im a week behind.... I just painted her took me ALL DAY!! Good thing my boss was cool enough to let me spray her on co time.... Anyways it turned out pretty good. I still have to cut and buff the paint for that show quality look...... As you can see shes still taped up in the booth.... So what...
  10. New Edge “Crime Stalker” Mustang In Nation-wide Police Design Contest

    Latest Mustang News
    The cops in Peoria, Illinois, know a worthy performance car when they see one as they designed a Mustang GT … Original Article: New Edge “Crime Stalker” Mustang In Nation-wide Police Design Contest
  11. Can new edge white cobra wheels fit on my 07 mustang?

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang
    I've been looking for rep wheels and I <3 cobra wheels and they are whit love em more just wondering if the offset would look weird...18x9 was what I was thinking.
  12. So I'm Officially A ''New Edge'' Owner!!

    General Mustang Discussion
    So my sister ended up trading her Explorer for the ol lady's '02 GT. Ended up she wanted the Explorer back, so she went ahead and bought it back from the GF. Her husband wanted my Vert, so I ended up trading my Vert for the '02 GT. It should make a good daily driver for me, and now we just have...
  13. Bronze Wheels On Black New Edge (SMALL HOW TO)

    Mustang Wheels & Tires
    Ok guys and gals... I know i recently asked for a photoshop but I see myself as an above average rattle canner so I just went and picked up some paint from sherwin williams, chose the color that I wanted and then had them put that SOB in an aerosol can. I started with one of my black wheels...
  14. Putting a turbo in my v6 new edge

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    Anyone with turbo experience on here? Bc I wanna know if I get a turbo what upgrades come before putting it on? For example do I need bigger feul injectors?
  15. Ze black New edge GT

    New Member Introductions & Greetings
    Greetings, I just found this forum through the app store and now here I am. I own a 2001 GT in southern California which is currently stock. I do have many plans for it but of course, I need money. So Hi!!
  16. Bbk cold air intake for new edge

    Mustang Parts for Sale and Wanted
    I have a bbk cai for a new edge. Newer filter. Pics to come.100 bucks plus the ride
  17. January 2011 MOTM-New Edge Competition

    Mustang of the Month Winners
    Congrats to Brent with his 2003 GT for winning Jan. 2011 MOTM! Well deserved! Brent's Garage :: 2003 Mustang GT
  18. In-Progress 2011 5.0L Swap For New Edge Bullitt

    Latest Mustang News
    Look who is getting a shiny new 5.0 swap! We knew it was going to be a popular swap as … More...
  19. January 2011 MOTM-New Edge Competition

    As mentioned before, I will be throwing in some 'same-of' competitions by category. Figured I throw one in for the start of the new year! Here are the nominees for January 2011 Mustang of the Month-New Edge Competition. sonic04edge's 2003 GT sonic04edge's Garage :: DSG drusmith's 2003 Cobra...
  20. new edge weld in side scoop deletes?

    Mustang Audio & Video
    I've got the bullitt side scoops right now but would like a weld in piece that would make them look more like the S197 version has anybody seen anything like that anywhere?