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  1. Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    got a nice 400 dollar insurance settlement for a few scraps on my bumper from some girl and instead of getting it fixed im just gonna touch it up and get me a 75 shot. So far NX seems to be the way to go but im having a hard time getting ahold of velocityperformance and i hear they have the best...
  2. Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    If i go ahead and get forged internals and run a 100-125 shot of nitrous, is there a way i can later add a Ati procharger with 11 psi? What if I ran 11psi with a 50 or 75 shot? What if i only ran 7 psi on the procharger? could i use a 75-100 shot? I need to know if i should go ahead and save up...
  3. Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    im thinking about getting a procharger or a 100+ shot of nitrous. Is there a way i could run a 150 shot of nitrous with forged internals. If not I guess ill go with the supercharger.
301-303 of 303 Results