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  1. 2015+ Mustang GT
    I want a whipple but would hate myself for not waiting if they came out with a bigger one. Any one know any thing about a bigger SC coming out ?
  2. 2015+ Mustang Ecoboost (and V6)
    Woohooo pretty awesome sounds like will get a gt350 AND a mach1... GM bout to get rocked big time!! Rumor: Ford to launch Shelby GT350 model in 2016, Mach 1 returning in 2017 - 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (6th Generation Platform) - You guys think this means we see 2 different SVT 's?
  3. 2011-2014 Mustang GT
    Any rumors for the 14? As in special editions or colors etc..?
  4. Latest Mustang News
    I’m glad we got that 2013 Mustang refresh out of the way. No we can move on to more important … More...
  5. General Mustang Discussion
    Ok guys just wanted to see what everyone would like about this but I was reading on motor trend this morning about the 2015 mustang and ford is thinking about bringing back the SVO with an ecoboost 4 cyl and Manuel Trans ford haven't said anything about exact 4cyl engine size but the three...
  6. Latest Mustang News
    We all know how this works, right? Some guy posts something that sounds like it could be true on some … More...
  7. Latest Mustang News
    Motor Trend has put together the most comprehensive 2015 Mustang rumors yet. And they are probably not too far off … Original Article: 2015 Mustang; The Most Comprehensive New Mustang Rumors Yet
  8. General Car Discussion
    Anyone got any leads or know of any rumors of a new mach1? I was watching a 2010 Barrett Jackson special addition show, and the had the mustangs lead engineer on and when asked if there will be a new mach1 he just replied, you never know what to expect from mustang, like really I don't want to...
  9. General Car Discussion
    Rumors of the Corvette being powered by a V6 Engine appear to be true according to V6 Corvette rumors are rumored to be true! - Autoblog
  10. General Mustang Discussion
    Agin rumors an speculations In reality probably 99% hype but...who knows Ford may grow some huevos and do it