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    I am swapping over everything I can from my 89 gt to a 95 gt and I know they're supposed to have a 5 lug set up, but I love the wheels that are on my fox and they're just a few months old. I know the 5 lug swap can be pretty expensive. So can I just go ahead and use my rear end with the drum...
  2. General Mustang Discussion
    Have a 96 SVT Cobra. The headlamps are stock and very clear. It is hard to see at night. What are the brightest legal bulbs I can put in it? Previous owner put in bulbs with a bluish tint. They don't shine very far at night, even with hi- beams. Thanks, look forward to your replies. Spiney-Dave
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    This video was uploaded by 1320video and it has this SN95 doing one ridiculous burnout just burning the rubber off … Original Article: Video: Sick Burnout From SN95 Mustang Pours Red Smoke With Kumho Tires
  4. Latest Mustang News
    Do you want your Mustang to not look like a Mustang at all? Well, if that’s the case, this SN95 … Original Article: Ebay Find: Was This Really An SN95 Mustang?