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  1. Mustang 101 - Tech Basics | Ask an Expert
    I have a 2012 mustang gt with 120,000 miles on it. Car might have had some exhaust mods done to it before i got it, but other then that car is stock. When I come out in first gear my car feels like it’s slipping. It feels like my car is stuttering. this Is my first manual car I’ve been driving...
  2. Mustang DIY and Technical
    A little project car I have a 96 V6 3.8 convertible automatic and I need to replace the transmission the 4r70w. The engine is already been replaced with a 2000 and I need to know what years are compatible as far as the transmission goes thanks anybody with some information for me
  3. Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    Hello. I’m Ban. I have ‘03 base model new edge automatic . For the last month it’s been happening . when it started I would put her into drive and I start cruising at 10 or 15 mph. she will act like I pressed my foot on the break hard or like she is downshifting and it would sound like groaning...
  4. 1996-2004 Mustang GT
    Hi all, I am looking to change out my tranny for a new one in my 2001 mustang GT. I am not sure what transmission my car has since it is the year that ford decided to switch from the t-45 to the tr3650. One tip I found was to find the manufacturers date. I know my car was made in February, but I...
  5. General Mustang Discussion
    Hi I have a mustang 2000 v6 with a t-5 transmission. I also have a 2002 f-150 v6 engine automatic transmission. My question is would the engine from the truck fit my mustang? Can I swap them?