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01 vert deck step by step

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Had a customer bing us a 01 vert stang today the Mach 6 disk was broken and a CD was stuck in it. We picked out a nice BlueTooth alpine deck and I got to work with the step by step pics.

Begin by removing shifter trim using a plastic panel tool

Next used the panel tool to remove the rest of dash trim, unplugged switches.

Remove radio with two screws

With customers permission go office space on radio to retrieve CD

Back to work! Cage up the dash kit and mount the deck.

Attach stability bracket.

Wire up the amp integration harness.

Install radio

Functionality test. Don't want to get it back together and find out something doesn't work.

Put it all back together and happy fellow mustang owner!

Thought you guys might find it Interesting, hope you enjoyed!
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Good info, should help someone who isn't that great with installing head units.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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