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Had my clutch replaced.

Replaced Clutch plate, throw out bearing, cleaned Throw out bearing Sleeve, and resurfaced flywheel.

Clutch works great. Now I have a ticking sound (ticking like a time bomb or roulette wheel) when I accelerate. No noise when I push in the clutch or let out...only when I hit the gas. Never had that noise before.

Any ideas what it could be? The guy said I probably didn't hear it before because of the noise from the clutch. This gets louder as I try to get on the freeway. One person told me u bolts or drive line might be loose. They did drop the tranny to do the clutch. Or they said it might be the flywheel wasn't resurfaced properly ? Gad I am a 56 year old unemployed woman and I feel like I am getting jacked.

PS I got hit by a semi and my Mazda 626 was totaled. I bought this from a girlfriend 5 years ago because she took care of it and needed a mini van as she was having a baby. Otherwise I would not have bought the car.
Nothing against mustangs,

Please help !
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