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My 2005 Mustang has a squealing problem but Im not sure what it is. At first I thought it was a belt but the squealing only happens at lower speeds like around 10-25 mph and increases slightly when the car moves fasters. It doesn't squeal at complete stops, high speeds, or when reving, and it doesnt squeal when you first start driving the vehicle so i think it needs to warm up to make the noise. Since it doesnt squeal when reving in neutral it cant be a belt, it only does it when the car is in motion. The sound is coming from the passenger under part or the car and it sounds like a metal to metal squeal. Almost like a cricket chirp. At first I was told it was my exhaust since one of the transmission crossmember rubber was ripped but after i got it fixed the car continued to squeal the next day. PLEASE any help or suggestions is HUGELY appreciated, Thanks!!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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