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'05 Sound system build log

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EDIT: Should add that this is an abbreviated log compared to my original on another forum. I left out "pondering" posts and a few things that I installed but ended up removing due to non-necessity or redundancy (like the SLC-4).

Started this a while ago, but like all's never done 馃槄

Gear so far:
db audio pro6k (components)
Kicker KS693 (6x9)
Diamond Audio TDX10D4 (wired at 2ohm)

Soundstream RN4.1400D
Kenwood Excelon XR600-1

db link 10ga OFC speaker wire

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And the final part to any tune....

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Setting amplifier gains CORRECTLY

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Well, did it again because i can't leave well enough alone....hellacious difference in response, even after a quickie tune using my AudioTool app

Before. Diamond Audio s6.0m midbass. Set for 130hz-2500hz

Now. PHD FB 6.1 midbass. Set for 70hz-3khz
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