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18x9 & 18x10 Chrome Deep Dish Bulletts w/ Tires $800.00 1 month old!

Hey Guys,

A customer of mine bought a set of 18x9 & 18x10 Chrome deep dish bulletts from me about a month ago.:cool: He's running either Falken or Kuhmos on them which are brand spankin NEW! He told me he's selling his car and getting a...ready?:cool: ...get IMPALA!! HAHHAHHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH! Hope I didn't offend anyone :D Anyhow, he wants to sell this set. He said he wants :eek: $800.00-850.00 and he'll pay half of the shipping costs to wherever you are. I asked him to send pictures so I can post them but he said he's still trying to get them developed.

He say's they are in excellent condition, no scratches and tires probably have 200-300 miles on them?? He's in Mississippi. Contact me if you want to get in touch with him. I think this is a friggen awesome deal! I'd do it but I'm waiting for the soon to be introduced to the market Saleen Replica Black Chrome wheels! Not hyperblack but BLACK CHROME!

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Darn, I think I'm a month too late

Hi Mattstang,
It's sure too bad I joined this forum just yesterday.
That's the sort of package I'm looking for.
What a deal !

I didn't really have an idea of what sort of wheels I wanted,
until another member of this forum (KrazyPony)
suggested those Deep Dish Chrome Bullitts from your store Crossroadz Direct.
I gave the site a visit, and the suggestion sure panned out.....
I decided on the 18x9 fronts, 18x10 rear,
with the Mustang or Chrome center caps.

That price you listed,
sure does make me wish I had found this place sooner.
$800 bucks would have been manageable for me to scrounge up.
Looks like I'm a month too late.....
(I assume someone jumped on that great deal)

I look forward to doing business with Crossroadz,
which has the best selection I've seen in 6 months of browsing.
(and I've been to alot of online Mustang sites.....LOL*)
I'll be saving up my $$ to get those 18" on my 95 GT.
(It's about time to get something to upgrade from those stock 16"s)

Well, all things happen in their own due time, I guess.

Best wishes with the business,
and hope all goes well with your friend's Impala plans.

All the best,

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Hey G_c...thank you very much for the compliments on my website! KrazyPony is a good guy and I appreciate him referring you over to me! Anyhow, this guy called today and still has the wheel/tire set!! They're not mounted on the car he's taken them off and put his stock wheels back on. He decided to keep his Mustang which is good but he still wants to sell them. He wants to goto 17" chrome deep dish bullitts.

anyhow, if you need anything in particular email me at [email protected] and I'll do the best to get you the best price out there. Anything for the guys on this forum!!!!
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