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1966 mustang suspension?

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does anyone know if the V8 suspension on a 1966 mustang would bolt directly to the suspension on a I6 mustang? am trying to do a conversion
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As long as they're from a 1965-66 Mustang and you take the entire suspension, steering, and brake system from a v8 car then you're good. That includes the front spindles, brakes, springs, pitman arm, drag link, idler arm, idler arm bracket, tie rods, and tie rod sleeves, complete rear axle(5 lug on the v8 cars), leaf springs, all the brake lines, etc.
All of these parts are incompatible so complete replacement is necessary.
1967 up has some different parts(including the spindles and tie rods) so I'd stick with the 1965/66 stuff.
Most likely, the only difference is in the coil springs, and sometimes the number of lug bolts in my experience with old cars...

swap springs and drums.
ball joint r different all the rest should b the same
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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