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1968 mustang 302 engine repair cost?

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I was planning on repairing an old 302 mustang engine sitting in my garage for a few years. Everythings rusted. Does anyone have an estimate on how much itd cost for the repair? (No labor cost needed)
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You'll need a overhaul kit, check with parts supplier's, rings, bearings, pistons, oilpump, waterpump, gaskets, maybe $700 to $900... plus machine work, boiling,boring, grinding, fitting, installing...$500 to $700...

IYou might want to get a remanufactored engine, or long block..
i agree if its too rusted just replace block, you could get it re-sleeved but not cost effective if you want to keep it all numbers match then yes by all means re sleeve it. but i would have just bought recondtioned engine from a reputible rebuilder
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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