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im pretty sure i got a buyer for my 1969 mach 1 h code for $8500. Well i know a junkyard where this guy has cars which hes been collecting since he was 19. He has 2 Mach 1s there. One is a 1970 Mach 1 Cobra Jet orange which he bought new and the other is a 1970 yellow mach 1 which came from 2 countys over with the tags and registration dating back from 1992. the yellow one he is asking 7500 it runs, but the guy who has it now said there wasnt no engine in it. He put a 351 cleveland in it which runs, but the car needs brakes and possible a few other things. Everythings there and no rust on the car what so ever. A huge dent in the back fender drivers side, and the interior isnt the best. Seems like a solid car but needs a few things to really get it going. Should i buy this car, and keep it or resell it? Thanks
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