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I need to find these connectors so I can finish the wiring upgrade on my 68 mustang. ya'll have any idea where to find?

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Connectors can be found at most salvage yards.
Some can be found in auto parts stores as well.
You just have to be sure to match them up with
ones you find in these places.

Now, there are manufacturers that make all types
of connectors. Usually, you will not be able to
order what you need if you are not a dealer, but
would have to find a dealer that could to get
what you need.

One company that is quite large, and has made
connectors for just about everything for many,
many years is Molex. They have made connectors
ever since the very first mass manufacture of
electrical products. Most 2-way radio dealers
deal with many of these connectors, and some
might be an exclusive, direct dealer.

In the library where you can find factory service
manuals you can even find images of the connectors
used in vehicles. To copy out just what you need
would give you them to compare when looking at
places where you might find them.

You can just go to your Ford dealer with your
needs, and they should be able to get new ones.
Just hang on for when they tell you the price.
A connector from Molex might retail at $2.50, but
at the Ford dealer this same item would likely be
about $6.
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