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1992 Ford Thunderbird (red)
this is a great daily driver. the a/c blows real cold, and the car rides real well.
101K miles

CD player works great, a/c blows cold.

its not really in bad condition. interior is not really too bad for being how old it is.

this picture is sideways, oops. its a picture of the door trim behind the window on the drivers side. it could use some touchup paint, and then i think itd look a LOT better, but its just a beater car, so i wasnt too worried about it.

the rear. there is some small paint chips on the rear bumper cover, but nothing too drastic.

this is the only rim that is in bad condition. its curbed pretty harshly, but definitely still holds air.

it needs the little lens that covers up the blinker, but once again.. one of those things.. its just a beater car <shrugs> if it really bothers you, you can find one at the junkyard easily, im sure.

the picture below shows the passenger door panel. the electronics work, its just missing the plate to hold it in. i can try and get that fixed before selling it, if it really bothers you. i was never bothered by it, since its passenger side, and its just a beater car.

selling because i bought an 85GT to drive around in.
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