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Was wondering if anyone could shade some light on an issue i'm having. I was driving from Arizona on my way to Idaho and it was all highway... car was running great at 80mph (legal speed limit). I decided after 400 miles to exit off and get something to eat. as I was exiting off the highway a weird whistling noise came from the engine compartment and all of a sudden the transmission just stopped working. I was able to put it into second gear and drive it into a parking lot. Could this happen if the transmission was too hot? I haven't tried starting it since yesterday around 5pm. Actually, I tried starting it about 20 minutes after this happened and it doesn't seem like the transmission will engage. The problem is this... where I had to pull over is in the middle of no where. Lucky there was a hotel and a subway. That's about it here. There is no auto shop or anything. Would it be safe to try and start?

the car has 110k miles. I did just have the throttle body replace a few weeks ago. Before I left for my trip, I had it looks at and everything checked out fine. the mechanic did remove the bottom plug of the tranny, and it was making a small ticking sound. But the car drove wonderful for almost 500 miles and once I slowed down on the exit ramp it just started to act up! Also, once the car was started it just wanted to stall out!

thanks for any input! Need to get back on the road!!
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