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I got a 1998 Mustang and when I got it it w
as sputtering at higher RPMs. I replaced the spark plugs and the fuel pump and it ran great and only sputtered around the 6k rpm mark. The plugs looked like it was running rich after I pulled them and referenced them to pictures. It ran good for about a week but it is now sputtering horribly at all RPMs. The car has been run on is the as with most all th mods -the nitrous which was a 125 wet shot: 1998 Ford Mustang. The body has 145,000 miles. The body is in perfect condition, meaning no body damage, and not even a single dent, but does need some paint work, as it is faded out in some spots and has some cracked paint on the front of the hood (very minor). The motor ha s a complete PI swap (heads, intake, etc), has a Magnaflow magnapak exhaust, upgraded Mass air flow sensor, injectors, and recent centerforce clutch, full suspension (high dollar) - coilovers in the front and the rear is set up with frame and sub frame connectors. It has a sct chip with 4 tunes. Have most receipts from work done. Even window tint receipts. It has been Dyno'd it made 340hp 411tq with sheets to prove it. Has a leather interior, with minor crackage on the driver seat, but besides that the interior is very clean. No cracked dash or none of that.
What do y'all think is the problem? Thanks.
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