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Okay, here's what I have:

2, 1 month old (front tires) Extremo p245/45 zr17's for sale. No flats, no burn outs (front tires) and never met a curb. Tires are in perfect condition. I paid around $170 each, looking to get $95 each out of them, Ill PAY the S/H!

4 Stock 01 GT Rims in great shape. Ill pay the S/H! Best offer

If you have any question please email me at [email protected]. I have feedback at under nickpeck, under nickpeck25 & @ under nickpeck25.

Ill post pics later if you want em.

*Here are the 4 rims. Ill give the buyer the original key and all lugs. The rims are dirty but Ill polish them up real nice before I send them out. The last two pics were taken while it was a tad dark out. No dents, just the way the flash looks :(** Tire pics comming.


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