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2 races :)

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Just put a hurtin' on a 97+ Prelude VTEC, and another MX6 V6...

I was on my way to the shop to get my Nitrous Oxide refill, and to see how much it would run me to get another bottle put in.

Prelude: I'm at the light of the freeway feeder, to the right of me is a black lude with some kind of front lip/skirts/rear lip, performance muffler, VTEC Controller on top of his steering column, (I've heard) an intake, and who knows what else he had... Anyway, I see him adjusting his VTEC Controller, so I knew he was about to punch it. I turn around to open up and arm the N20, except I remembered.. I DON'T HAVE ANY LEFT.. lol, so I was just like "baaaaah......!!!". Anyway, green light comes on, and I punch it - so does the guy.. He gave me a good race n/a, at the end I only beat him by 2-3 car lengths - and asked him what he ran when we pulled up at the next light. He said mid 14s.... I took his word for it, it sounded about right.

MX6: 3 lights later, I see a nice white MX6 with some aftermarket wheels, tanabe performance muffler, and actually a nice looking aftermarket spoiler... We were both sitting there checking out each other's cars - when he revved up... So I was just like "sweet!". Green light comes on, both of us take off.. I get a shitty launch, so he gets half a car length on me. Right when I go past 4K RPM - I'm passing him... On the 1-2 shift, I was half a car ahead, and at the top of 2nd I had good 6 cars on him. The dude was amazed, and asked me what I had done to my car. I was like "KLZE with a few bolt ons..", and he was like "KLZ-what???" HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT WAS!! My jaw dropped... I couldn't believe it! loser..

Anyway, I'm sitting on a full bottle now... gonna go out hunting tonight ;)
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gods speed and good hunting ;)
Dont want to sound stupid or anything but WTF is KLZE ?
I think its the type of engine, I am not really sure.
what's an MX6?

KLZE = Engine code for the J-Spec Mazda MX-6s ;)

Like B16A is a code for the SiR civic's engine

It's ok for a Mustang owner not to know that... but the dude had an MX6!! It's like someone with a V6 Stang not knowing what gear + tlok is, or someone with an integra - knowing nothing about a B18C! Sad....
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