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Today I had 2 TSB's applied to my Shelby GT500.

Went to the dealership today to have TSB 12-8-19 applied to my Shelby. This upgrades the Sync to version 3.1.4 Here's a few things the Sync update fixed.

- Bluetooth auto-connection improvement.
- Media player reliability.
- Voice Recognition improvements to recognize names entered with all CAPS.
- Voice Recognition enhancements that will decrease the chance of calling the wrong person.
- Add customer assistance phone number to Help prompts.

This Sync update is not on the Syncmyride webpage, not sure why Ford and MS has kept it off the website but anyone on version 3.1 can go to the dealership and ask for their Sync to be updated to version 3.1.4

Takes about 20 minutes for service dept to update the Sync software.

Sync shows as version AR3T-14D544-AF Gen1 - V3.1.4 and it use to show AR3T-14D544-AE Gen1 - V3.1

While at the service dept at my local Ford, which was getting TSB 12-08-19 Sync issue resolved, I asked them to check out my Shelby for TSB 10-16-4 - STEERING SHUDDER/NIBBLE/PULL/DRIFT. While one service tech was upgrading the Sync, another was working on this TSB which is to reprogram the EPAS PSCM to IDS release 67.06

This took about 15 - 20 minutes to do and now the pull or drift, now that it's documented for both TSB's now I'm all set to go. Now if the weather will warm up so I can drive her instead of sitting in the garage waiting for the weather to warm back up.


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