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i know it's tempting to let your friend do the install for you, but i must say emphatically DON'T! your vehicle has the Ford P.A.T.S. system in it - this is a factory installed security feature. you need a bypass module which you can find thru DEI (part # 555F). the bypass 'learns' the transponder (the tiny glass encased cylinder in your key's head) code to rebroadcast when you remote start your vehicle. i realize we're discussing a two way alarm system, but the technical nature of the vehicle makes it worthwhile to save some money up to pay for a proper install. it will end up saving you time and money in the end.

if you do decide to install it yourself, or with your friend, you'd have a much easier time if i sent you a sheet which lists all of the wiring colors and locations pertinent to the installation of an alarm.
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