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20" Rims - Thoughts + Opinions

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I wanna go big, real big. I was wonderign if 20's would fit with no scraping or mods. I'd also like to know what tire size is recomended with a mid profile tire, i'd also like the tire to be a little wider than the rim to try and prevent possible curb rash. I know the wheel size will slow me down soem but, its not like I can go fast anyway so I dont care. Thanks for any and all input...unless ur flaming me :eek:
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I've only ever seen one set of 20s on a stang that I liked and he had a saleen body kit that made it look good, otherwise it almost always looks tacky. I'd say 18s are as big as you want to go generally
if you go that big dont forget about your brakes.
i dont think 20's would fit you would have to encounter scraping on turns im guessing, ive seen them on a 99+ and that car had a bit of scraping.
I've seen 20s on a couple stangs. I didn't like either one. I'd say 18 is plenty big for me. I'm only going 17.
what wheels are you looking at?

a "mid-profile" tire? if that was the case your wheels would have the diameter of a monster truck.

your tires will look like very expensive black rubber bands pulled around the wheels. i don't know da phat shiat like that, but i'm sure a 20x8 wheel will be just fine. rubbing only happens when the wheel is too wide (problems start at 9") or if the car is slammed down to the ground.

theyll fit ^^ hes wrong ;)
they will fit im saying no dont do it i dont think they will look good
ive seen a couple sets of 20s that look good... one thing is your gonna look like youre really high off the ground even if your car is dropped... so thats somethin to think about.
well ive senn stangs with 20's and i dont like them ive even seen a stang with spinners i never laughed so hard in my life
theres 2 stangs w/ spinners here in my city. :disgust:

and one is an "undercover" cop.
^ :lmao:
you may have to roll your fenders a bit.
if you want to go big....get a SUV or a Ricer

keep it 18" or under man
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